Happy New Year KZooWP’ers!

I hope everyone has had a great December and happy holidays :) We’re back in action with our meetup and ready to see what 2016 has in store for WordPress! Our first meeting of the year will be on January 14th, 6:30pm to 8pm at Feed The World Cafe. Details of the meetup will be posted Monday January 4th.

I’d like to get feedback from the group on what they would get the most out of or what would provide them the best value. If you have any ideas on how we can improve the meetups, please feel free to share those thoughts as well. Here are some thoughts we talked about at our November meetup.

Presentations, Q&A, and Hands On Help

Presentations are great tools for learning new things, the problem we’ve found is that if we only get together once a month and we spend the entire meetup going over something only a couple people are interested in, it’s not really the best use of time.

We came up with an idea for having a presentation going on for those that are interested in the topic and a separate open discussion about WordPress and other topics. I really like this idea since I’ve always been a fan of the hands-on and Q&A, but know how powerful presentations can be. Plus, this can be a very good way to attract new members. This would simply require us finding presenters and voting on topics we’d like to learn more about each month. If anyone wants to present on a topic at one of our meetups please let us know :)

General Website Discussions

We realize that WordPress is simply a single part in a very large puzzle of all of this online stuff. When it comes to building, running, maintaining, promoting, and growing a website, it’s very limiting to try and stay on the topic of WordPress. We want to open the doors for all kinds of discussions for the different kinds of websites, and everything that comes with achieving the goals of the site. These topics can range from design and copywriting to marketing and advertising. This could be a great way to attract more advanced users as well.

Community Involvement

WordPress is built by several thousands of people who volunteer their time, experience, and expertise. They all work together to give us this amazing ability to create websites easily, promote our businesses, sell our photography, work for ourselves etc… I want to pass this on to our community and take on “group projects” where we help a local business or cause. I could see someone requesting help, us discussing it at a meeting or through our facebook group, then coming together to get them all set up and squared away with a beautiful new WordPress website. If you know of a cause or a business that you’d like to support and think we could help them out please let us know about them.

I think that’s it for now, we will know more after our Jan 14th meeting :)

Thank you all for your support last year and for coming out to the meetings. Looking forward to 2016!


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